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The real estate sector in interaction with around 200 sub-sectors and components is the locomotive of the national economy particularly in recent years. In addition to basic functions described as real property, a reliable investment area is among the sources in demand of today’s financial tools and instruments. With this quality, real estate sector as a special area intensively interacts both with partners and all the sub-sectors, constantly grows, expands and develops.

Like of all the economical processes and sectors, human is the main component of real estate sector. Assessment of the real estate sector under the title of human resources in this respect shows that there are both qualitative and quantitative increases in the demand of human resource in parallel with the sector.

At this point, investment to be made in human resources within the sector will bring sectorial development and sustainable growth with it, and also the results seem to reflect on the quality of sectorial outcome.

With regard to this fact, real estate sector shareholders in a wide range being valuation job in the first place concluded that a human resource should be generated as an organization to increase the level of information, skills and competence, to shorten the process for obtainment of information and for adaptation, to prepare people who will get involved in the sector vocationally, to organize trainings at a level of directing personal growth processes.

Appraisal Entities and Real Estate Appraisers, member of our association are among the most important components determining the dynamics of real estate sector. Our association is competent and prepared to organize trainings with the aim and quality as stated above with reference to both its aim and tasks determined by Capital Markets Law and Statues and also to its position in real estate sector.

For that purpose, Turkish Professional Appraisers’ Training Academy, one of the projects of our association has been established.

Training Academy is a platform where corporate trainings also can be organized in addition to vocational and personal growth trainings.

Training Academy will be engaged in research and analysis for real estate sector, preparation of reports, accumulation of information, and preparation of periodicals.

Our Training Policy

Vision and strategies of Training Academy related to trainings are defined in consideration of survey study targeting the determination of real estate sector training perception and necessities between 1st December 2014 and 18th December 2014. With reference to the results of survey study where 1,534 participants among 9,079 participants within real estate sector shareholders expressed opinion, trainings on the areas stated below are given for fulfilling the training requests and needs within the sector and new ones are planned;

- Professional Development Trainings

- Personal Development Trainings

- Corporate Trainings

- Trainings in Preparation for License Examinations

- Free of Charge Seminars

Professional Development Trainings target to develop professional information and competency of employees within real estate sector. The expectations from these trainings are to enhance the service quality offered for sector and to make the sector capable to compete with developed countries' markets.

Personal Development Trainings target to uncover the creative potentials of the employees focusing on their powerful competencies that are open for improvement.

Corporate Trainings target to internalize the learning processes of corporate companies that are shareholders within real estate sector and to support them to generate organizations talking the same language. Tailor-made design upon finding out companies’ needs considering education and development according to their own demand is the main principle of our trainings.

“Trainings in Preparation for License Examinations” held by our association maintains under the framework of Turkish Appraisers’ Association Training Academy.

Free of charge seminars are held once monthly by Professional Training and Research Commission Members of our association under the umbrella of Turkish Real Estate Appraisers Association Training Academy.

The target group of Training Academy is the human resources of real estate sector. We realize that competent occupation and sector members are able to contribute to share their professional experience along with theoretical information, to the success of applied on-site trainings to be planned in related areas, to the transfer of vocational information and terminology at a high level. We believe that people from the sector will have the biggest impact in sector’s training. Aware of these facts, a clarion call has been made to be instructor for our members fitting this description within the sector, occupation members and sector employees, academic environments and academicians that are the center of information, science and development, and also regulatory establishments within sector in the name of public authority; and our instructor staff started to be generated.