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Turkish Appraisers Association (TDUB) is an autoregulatory professional association established as a public legal entity according to Article 76 of Capital Markets Law 6362 (the Law).

Turkish Appraisers’ Association’s organization, duties and authorizations, conduct rules and principles are regulated by the Statue of the Turkish Association of Appraisers (the Statue) that has entered into force as published on 2nd April 2014 Official Journal of Turkey with number 28960.

The Association’s responsibilities and authorizations include conducting research, organizing trainings and issuing licenses in order to ensure further development of real estate market and real estate appraisal business, establishing guidelines of professional conduct and appraisal standards to enhance the cooperation of members and their engagement in due diligence and discipline as required in valuation activities, taking measures in order to prevent unfair competition, establishing regulations in the fields under the scope of its duties as provided by the legislation or by the Capital Markets Board of Turkey (the Board), governing and supervising such regulations, cooperating on behalf of its Members with relevant organizations in related fields, monitoring professional developments, administrative and legal regulations and informing its Member about such developments and regulations.

Appraiser sector operates in various fields of application in a wide range such as real estates subject to mortgage loans, cases of expropriation, privatization, conflicts and ownership, and the appraisal of financial wealth and rights about urban transformation, insurance, tax, real estate. As an autoregulatory professional association – Turkish Appraisers’ Association contributes to maintaining a fair and honest operation by Association Members, establishing and updating appraisal standards and rules of ethical professional conduct to be observed by Association Members in their business activities and relations, in due diligence and discipline as required in valuation profession and the institutionalization of appraisal sector.

Turkish Appraisers’ Association carries out its operations beneath its own personnel staff, by virtue of different professional committees established within its field of duty in order to provide assistance to by offering opinions and advice in the framework of issues determined by the Executive Board. These professional committees are namely Discipline Committee, Assessment Committee, Standards Committee, Professional Training and Research Committee, Communication Committee and Professional Appraisers Committee.

In its fields of operation defined by the Law, Turkish Appraisers’ Association provides support to the resolution of conflicts and complaints arising in appraisal services rendered by Members to customers, assesses the complaints arising for its Members, analyzing the compliance of appraisal processes with appraisal standards by performing researches and investigations; and in cases violating the legislation and standards, it applies penalties in form of administrative fines as provided by Law, as well as in form disciplinary penalties such as warning, denunciation, cancellation of license (dismissal from profession) and similar, as prescribed in the Statue.

Members of Turkish Appraisers’ Association consist of a natural person appraiser members and legal person appraisal entity members authorized by Capital Markets Board of Turkey (SPK).

Turkish Appraisers’ Association has currently 9.235 Members in total, including 9.100 Natural Person Appraiser Members and 135 Legal Person Appraisal Entity Members.