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Communication Committee


The Communication Committee of Turkish Appraisers’ Association (the Committee) has been established according to Article 27 Paragraph (1) of Turkish Appraisers’ Association Statue (the Statue), to be operated under the provisions of the Regulation for Legislation on Establishment, Working and Operation of Turkish Appraisers’ Association Professional Conduct Committee (the Regulation) issued by the decision number 29 dated 05.06.2015 of the Executive Board of the Association.

The Committee is in charge of the developing a growing communication between local Members and the Association, identification and reporting of general and regional issues to the Association, forwarding the issues encountered by local Members during the practice of their profession and the recommendations for resolving such issues and the solution suggestions to the Association, increasing the local effectiveness of the Association, organizing local activities to be held by the Association, and increasing the consciousness for professional solidarity and colleagueship.

Our local Members may also forward the issues they encounter, their views and requests on the practice of their profession directly to the Association as well as to the Committee. By filling in the Application Form, you can reach to the relevant Committee Member and the Association. The inquiries mentioned in the application form are replied within 3 business days.

Application Form