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Value is the amount of a wealth that can be measured by money. Real Estate Appraisal means appraising independently and objectively the value of a real estate, a real estate project or rights and benefits based on real estate at a certain date.

This is a service comprised of the appraisal and its reporting independently and objectively the potential value of real estate/real estates owned by legal entities or natural persons using various appraisal methods at a certain date in order to meet miscellaneous needs, by appraisal professionals expertized on real estates and rights and liabilities on real estate.

Appraiser profession has many fields of application in a wide range such as real estates used as securities and for lending purposes, cases of expropriation, privatization, conflicts and ownership, and the appraisal of financial wealth and rights about urban transformation, insurance, tax, real estate.

Professional Appraisers are defined as individuals performing the appraisal profession. A Professional Appraiser represents a natural person defined as a professional with at least 3 years of experience in the field of real estate appraisal, who have graduated from a bachelor degree program of minimum 4-years – who are full-time employed or contracted by real estate appraisal entities appraising a real estate or real estate project or the interests and benefits associated with the real estate without being full-time employed to provide appraisal service and are given Real Estate Appraisal License.