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I hereby promise;

  • To maintain appraisal activities in the highest and best way and to enhance the quality of service,
  • To perform my responsibilities with loyalty to the principle of freedom related to the profession of appraiser in compliance with principals for respecting human rights, transparency, good faith, equitable conduct, accountability, public-mindedness, supremacy of law,
  • Not to state and explain anything about the profession of appraisal including accusation and blame that is conflicting with professional dignity and targeting customers, professional appraisers, appraisal associations, regulatory authorities and public bodies and organizations, not to share contents with critic or insult that are disadvantageous for profession and sector via any communication channel, not to behave violating professional regulations,
  • To behave properly considering the requirements of profession of appraisal in an objective manner without allowing any behavior and application preventing equality of opportunity, discrimination related to language, religion, philosophical belief, political thought, race, age, physical handicap and gender.
  • To perform my task without expecting any personal benefit, providing any financial and emotional benefit or any profit at this quality, accepting any present from natural person or legal entity in relation with the task paying regard to the principled regulated by the Code of Ethics for Professional Conduct of Turkish Appraisers’ Association,
  • Not to use and not to allow to be used of public property apart from public purpose and service requirements,
  • To respect the people’s rights of petition, acquisition of knowledge, complaint and indictment, to behave concernedly, kindly, moderately and respectfully for people benefiting from the service, my colleagues and other stakeholders,
  • To work and provide service up to the principles and values of ethical behaviors determined by regulations already stated or to be stated by the Statues and Guidelines of Turkish Appraisers’ Association and Professional Conduct and Ethics Commission of Turkish Appraisers’ Association and legislations related to profession of appraisal.


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